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This wiki is for homebrew rules, and campaign/setting info for D&D games in the 'Escape Banality' world.

Choices Edit

Player choices/options for game elements. These should be discussed as a team and selected between sessions.

Aux Edit

Auxiliary Adventures (Side stories). Ideas for short stories/side campaigns that are run on alternate weekends.

Races Edit

Races and ethnicities.

Pantheon Edit

Deities and Demigods.

Nations Edit

Kingdoms of all shapes and sizes.

House Rules Edit

General house rules across all campaigns.


The Mountain Dewers of Good Edit

The original game. An important lesson in door management.

Status: Complete.

Escape Banality Edit

A misfit band of 'heroes' for hire. They're committed to doing the right thing.. as long as it lines their pockets.

Status: Active. Location: Online

Monstrously Good Fun Edit

Pact-bound monsters being used like pokemon by a would-be hero.

Status: Active. Location: In-person

Free Company Edit

When adventurers decide to form a private military organization.

Status: Planning. Location: Online

Tyro Heroes Edit

These heroes and heroines have been chosen by destiny to be champions of good.

Status: Planning. Location: In-person

Links Edit

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D&D Wiki SRD - The 5E System Reference Document (the free stuff from WotC).

Basic Rules - WotC Basic Player & Dungeon Master's rules.


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